a Portable Nuclear Microreactor that Replaces Diesel Generators

A compact nuclear reactor with all equipment necessary to generate electricity in a mass producible and easily transportable package

Replacing diesel generators in remote villages and providing resilient backup power for hospitals, datacenters, and military installations

Requiring zero on site water use by leveraging fans for air cooling, Kaleidos can operate anywhere

High speed turbomachinery operates efficiently from 30% to 100% power or 1.2MW electric, enabling resilient microgrids

While generating electricity, Kaleidos also can provide 1.9 MW of thermal power for facility heating or water desalination

Helium gas transfers heat from the core and does not become radioactive, eliminating the impact of leaks

An air jacket cools the core passively through natural convection, simplifying regulatory approval

Meltdown-proof TRISO fuel, ceramic coated uranium particles, have been used in more than 30 grid-scale reactors since the 1960s

Kaleidos are assembled, fueled, and tested in the factory for streamlined deployment


Both military and commercial customers can rapidly replace their diesel generators

The unit is delivered via truck on highway routes

Or delivery can be expedited by aircraft

The container can be separated for flexibility in transport and maintenance

Turbomachinery and Cooling

Reactor and Shielding

Turbomachinery and Cooling

Reactor and Shielding

Kaleidos eliminates expensive and dirty diesel fuel, unreliable power grids, and long deployment timelines


Over 110 times the energy density of existing diesel systems

No site excavation is required, Kaleidos is lowered from the truck and achieves full power the next day

Clean electricity and heat continuously adjust to match power demand during the day

…and night, enhancing existing renewables infrastructure, such as solar or wind power

Hundreds of units can autonomously operate with data streaming back to Radiant’s centralized 24/7 fleet monitoring system tracking the health of each reactor


No nuclear waste or infrastructure remain on the site

After 5 or more years of operation the fuel is depleted, and the entire container can be shipped back for refueling

Back at the factory, Kaleidos can be fueled a total of 4 times for a 20-year product lifetime

Customers can purchase through either Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or direct unit sales


Kaleidos will be the first new commercial reactor design to achieve a fueled test in over 50 years